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UniqueChews- Tuna Fish Eyes 鮪魚眼睛

UniqueChews- Tuna Fish Eyes 鮪魚眼睛


An eye for an eye! 以眼還眼!

Fish eye is widely considered as a delicacy in Asia, and they don’t have to be these huge tuna eyes.

Most Asian countries serve their fish whole, and Taiwan is no exception. I remember picking the eyes out of the fish to eat, it was my favorite part of the fish!

I bet it will freak most Westerners out as they probably have only ever seen fish in it’s fillet form.

Here we believe in “What you eat is what you get”, meaning for example, eating fish eye is good for your eyes!

It’s also said that fish eye is good for your brain development since it’s packed with numerous vitamins(A, B1, B2) and DHA.

I simply liked the way it tastes.

Try one if you ever get a chance, and send us a message to request a recipe if you’re a fish eye newbie! 🙂

記得小時候媽媽煮魚的時候我最愛吃的部分就是魚眼睛了! 而且媽媽都會說吃魚眼睛對眼睛很好。


也沒有錯啦,基本上的組成是一樣的,魚眼睛裡面富含維他命A, B1, B2 還有DHA! 顧眼又顧腦呢~

雖然小時候常挖小魚眼睛來吃,我可還沒有嘗試過這麼大顆的明珠,有一點不知道應該怎麼煮! 紅燒應該不錯吧!



沒開車的礁溪市區也有幾家在販賣新鮮的漁獲喔~ 不用跑很遠。

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