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The search for a permanent kitchen

The search for a permanent kitchen

They say that buying your first house is one of the most exciting, nerve racking, amazing and important thing in your life. All the way up there with getting married and having a child.

I’ve always considered myself a nomad, a traveler but I think I’m ready to have a home. Every time I used to travel I would eventually go “home”, but home was never really MY home. It was either a shack on some 5th floor rooftop that I rented or my parents home, they were more like places to stay so I don’t get soaked or blown away by typhoons than home.

We have been looking for a home and we think we’ve found the perfect one. The lawn that I could just roll around in, a living room filled with sunlight to read a book or do yoga in, a garden to grow, a shop to work on crafts and maybe build our own shelves. Sounds like paradise.

The realtor repeatedly told us not to get emotionally involved in the houses you’re looking at buying, but how can you not?

Home is where your heart is, we are looking for a home, not just some property. When you find your dream home and knowing that a few others are also really interested in the same house, it is just impossible not to get emotional.

I want a home where we can hang up photography work through our travels,  a recording studio and jam room for Sean, and a kitchen for me to make a mess and not having to worry about cleaning up right away for other people.

The market is crazy right now, but hopefully we will get the home that we’ve always dreamed of then I can finally unzip my suitcase and start going to garage sales and make raids on antique stores. :p



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