Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉

My favorite light, fast, nutritious snack can also turn into a great crowd pleaser for cocktail parties!  好吃 快速 營養的小點心,換個方式呈現就算貴婦下午茶也不失大雅! Caprese is so easy to make! It’s light, nutritious and delicious. There are a few variations out there and the red, white, green symbolizes the classic Italian flag. The trick to a great caprese salad … Continue reading Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉

In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石

Is getting rid of the skin of garlic a pain? Here’s a tip from my grandma. 蒜頭皮很難撥? 我的外婆有妙方~ Garlic is an essential ingredient in cooking, people have come up with various tools to help us get rid of its skin.  Some of those tools are quite expensive and most of them are not eco-friendly at … Continue reading In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石