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Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉

Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉


My favorite light, fast, nutritious snack can also turn into a great crowd pleaser for cocktail parties!  好吃 快速 營養的小點心,換個方式呈現就算貴婦下午茶也不失大雅!

Caprese is so easy to make! It’s light, nutritious and delicious. There are a few variations out there and the red, white, green symbolizes the classic Italian flag.

The trick to a great caprese salad is the fresh ingredients, tomatoes are really important. Lots of tomatoes has a rather bland taste, but I had found some organic home-grown tomatoes that are sweet, sour and full of flavors which makes a great caprese.


If there isn’t any home-grown tomatoes to be found then I suggest using cherry tomatoes as they are sweeter and more fruity, which goes great with fresh mozzarella.

After trying different tomatoes, this is the one that has the most consistency every time I make it, plus the presentation is delicate, great for cocktail parties.


  • Cherry Tomatoes  1box
  • Mozzarella           500g
  • Fresh Sweet Basil
  • Sea Salt
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Vinegar

Start timing, it’ll be done in 5mins!

  1. Slice off the bottom of your cherry tomato, as long as it can stand flat on your plate.
  2. Slice off about ¼ of your cherry tomato so your mozzarella can sit on top of it later.
  3. Use a melon baller, ball out a few mozzarella balls, depends on how many of these little salads you’re making.
  4. Now, layer your salad. Tomato first then mozzarella ball, basil leaf rinsed and pat dry on top.
  5. Drizzle extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top and sprinkle a dash of seat salt.

DONE and enjoy!!


  • Leave your mozzarella in the fridge for at least 30mins before scooping it, mozzarella will be stiffer and easier to scoop into a ball.
  • If you’re making these for guests, use a toothpick to hold all the ingredients together.







  • 番茄或小番茄        數顆
  • 馬茲瑞拉起司        約250克
  • 甜羅勒/九層塔       少許
  • 特級初榨橄欖油     2大匙
  • 陳年紅酒醋            1大匙

1. 將牛番茄切成約1公分的薄片。若使用小番茄的話則薄薄的將底切掉讓它可以站立,上半部切平約1/4。


2. 馬茲瑞拉起司MOZZARELLA (COSTCO或進口超市皆有販售) 若使用牛番茄就切成厚度相同的薄片;小番茄則為了擺盤使用水果挖球器挖成小球。


3. 將起司疊在番茄上,再將甜羅勒葉洗淨擦乾放在起司上。若沒有甜羅勒可以用九層塔替代。


4. 用小湯匙淋上些許特級初榨橄欖油,增加果香。也可撒些海鹽。我個人很喜歡陳年葡萄酒醋的味道,覺得味道非常搭,可以淋少許上去。



  • 製作前將起司冰在冰箱裏面約30分鐘,冰的時候比較好切/挖喔! (比較硬)
  • 使用小番茄時為了方便一口食用可以在裡面插一支牙籤固定起司及番茄。
  • 台灣傳統市場幾乎買不到甜羅勒,雖然跟九層塔味道類似 但是又不盡相同,建議去花市買一盆30元回來修剪放在陽光下常澆水,可以常久使用。它們長很快。
  • 九層塔與甜羅勒怎麼分? 甜羅勒的葉子比九層塔圓,葉片有點球狀的弧度,葉片也比較有光澤。

這個沙拉做完如果沒有吃完 夾土司當三明治也很好吃喔! 建議使用牛番茄 🙂

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