Simple food can be magical with a touch of sauce.


Mala Hot Sauce|秘製淑油麻辣醬 (8/3/2017) - 中文在下面–> This recipe was passed down by my grandpa and probably from grandpa of his.
Recipes – Spicy Hummus 中東辣雞豆泥 (12/16/2014) - Spicy hummus that you can eat with anything! 辣辣鷹嘴豆泥,滿滿的健康食材讓你冬天溫暖夏天開胃! First of all, I’ve never yet been to any country that name hummus their local food, so this is simply my interpretation based on what we like. I’d say the closest “hummus” I’ve tasted is at this local pita shop, which sells various pita smeared with … Continue reading Recipes – Spicy Hummus 中東辣雞豆泥