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Thirsty or needing something to wake you up? There is everything from coffee to a Mexicans-approved margarita under this category!

Easy Homemade Soy Milk | 簡單自製豆漿 (1/9/2018) - Soy milk making is as easy as soy bean and water. Some soaking, a bit of boiling and the result is sweet, thick and flavorful. The best part is that it’s cheap to make and you get to pick your own beans and it’ll have […]
20170816.Vietnamese-Iced-Yogurt-Coffee-Recipe越南優格咖啡Resized-3.jpg Vietnamese Yogurt Coffee | 越南優格咖啡 (8/16/2017) - Yep, you read it right, Vietnamese yogurt coffee. It sounds weird but it is absolutely amazing. Great for mornings if you don’t have time for breakfast too. :p