Eat, Cook, Travel, Shoot!

Chew Experiments

Recipes from my mom, from other people’s moms and some really old recipe books that I’ve tried and loved. Maybe with a healthier twist.

Here is a grid of categories to help you find what you are looking for!


All the spices, herbs and soy sauce I just can’t get enough of!
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From cookies to cupcakes to an amazing loaf of homemade bread
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Only my FAVORITE meal in a day
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So sweet it makes your jaw drop.
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Thirsty or needing something to wake you up? There is everything from coffee to a Mexicans-approved margarita under this category!
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Simple food can be magical with a touch of sauce.
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Recipes from home, made with love. The authentic Taiwanese cuisine with a healthier twist. Asian cuisine might be a lot
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Will eat everything and anything(besides non-sustainably fished seafood) but I just don’t feel like meat today.
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From pancakes to a juicy burger, you name it!
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