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Nailing the Perfect Pan-fried Salmon 完美的香煎鮭魚

Nailing the Perfect Pan-fried Salmon 完美的香煎鮭魚

I used to hate salmon, I still do most of the time.


But I have this thing for keep trying different ways to make food I dislike till I learn to like it, plus salmon is super healthy. I’m starting to like salmon more and realized the reason why I disliked it was mainly because the way it was cooked.



The seasoning of the salmon I used to have never incorporate with the taste of the salmon fat, which is the part I dislike.


After learning all the flavors that I enjoy with Salmon, it’s time to nail the perfect texture. Recent culinary goal: master the perfect crispy skinned salmon with the center still pink, moist and juicy.


最近的練習對象是鮭魚,要達到的目標是: 金黃酥脆的表皮,中間仍然呈現鮮嫩的粉紅色,多汁又入口即化。


I’m taking my time with my salmon cooking as I’m not too confident with it yet. Pat the salmon dry. In a hot pan with a teaspoon of olive oil, skin side down I set the salmon down in the center and turn the heat to medium low. After it seems to have turned pink half way and the fish doesn’t stick to the pan at all, flip the salmon and continue cooking it for about 10 mins.


Successfully achieved my goal today. YUM!

今天目標達成! <3

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