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Chew on the Road

Delicious and amazing flavors found in a restaurant, a hole in the wall or even better on a stool in the street. I love to try as many local delicacies as I can when I’m traveling and the more authentic the better, and I find that little mom and dad shacks usually delivers the best local cuisines. If not the best, the closest to their everyday life and that’s what I love about them.

02 - 20170203.A-Cup-of-Joe-in-Vietnam_Resize-6.jpg A Cup of Joe in Vietnam | 在越南喝咖啡 (2/3/2017) -   Coffee. Caffeine. I’ve never been much of a coffee drinker however I’d consumed the most amount of caffeine in my life during my time in Vietnam. 3~4 cups of coffee, daily. If you know Vietnamese coffee then you know they’re not like your typical […]
02 - 20170201.Bún-chả-Vietnamese-Grilled-Pork-Rice-Noodles_Resize-5-1.jpg Bún chả- Vietnamese Grilled Pork & Rice Noodles | 越南河內烤肉米線 (2/1/2017) - Bún chả, one of our favorite eats while in northern Vietnam.   Bún, is the round rice noodle that was used in the dish and chả means grilled fatty pork that was seasoned and grilled to perfection. Bún chả is often served with Nem Ran, a Vietnamese […]
Good Chews – PP.99 Cafe 品品99咖啡輕食 (12/25/2014) - PP99 Meatless chicken burger, wait…what?! PP99 漢堡、三明治、義大利麵是素是葷?傻傻分不清楚~ Another one of our favorites, PP99 has a decent size spot on the corner a block off the busy RuiAn street.  The first thing to notice is the roomy outdoor seating and quite large indoors as far as […]
Good Chews – 小樽早餐店 Otaru Tea (12/10/2014) - The big, little busy breakfast shop 好大好忙的小小早餐店! On the busy street of Fuxing south road in Da’an district, this little breakfast shop attracts all the early, and late, morning commuters, and a bit of the lunch group.  The intimidating crowds come quickly, but are worked […]
Hakka Leicha (Hakka Grounded Tea) (12/13/2016) - Lei2 擂 in hakka (Chinese dialect) is the action of grinding. Cha2 茶 is tea in mandarin. It contains tea but is served more like a dessert/savory soup rather than your every-day tea. It starts with grinding up green tea into fine powder then add in […]
Juice straight from the fruit (12/12/2016) -     We came across this little stand while trekking, and our eyes were caught by these citrus with a straw in it! Does this actually work? How does it work? The machine works like a milkshake machine, poke it into the citrus then it spins […]
Nagi Ramen (1/15/2015) - Nagi Ramen You’ve probably tried black pasta before, but have you ever had black ramen? The “BlackKing” is sweet and flavorful, with the taste of fresh seafood. Made with pork-based broth seasoned with squid ink, black sesame and various spices. Makes your teeth and lips […]
Sri Lankan Curd 斯里蘭卡的水牛優格 (3/25/2015) - What is curd in Sri Lanka and what is it made of? 斯里蘭卡 水牛優格? 什麼!水牛奶可以吃??還可以做優格? 吃起來像什麼呢? I walk pass these clay pots when I get breakfast every morning here in Sri Lanka, thought that the grocery stores sell pots to grow plants for the longest […]
The Sri Lankan Breakfast 斯里蘭卡早餐 (2/28/2015) - There might be a post following up with the title “the real Sri Lankan breakfast” as I am dining at a tourist restaurant right now.  But hey, it’s my first day, I want to ease my way into this crazy country. 我覺得等一下很可能會出現一篇叫做 “真的斯里蘭卡早餐”的文章,因為我今天選擇了一家專門供應觀光客的餐廳吃飯。我剛到嘛! 總是要先適應一下。   […]
The Tibetan Bread (12/1/2016) - The Tibetan bread, also called a “Pun” bread is something you will see on every menu trekking around the Annapurna region. The whole trek all the way up to Poon Hill basically all have the same menu and price because of the government. A deep […]
Unique Chew: Dragon Fruit Blossoms (7/20/2016) - Unique Chew: Ever eaten #DragonFruit blossoms? Apparently they are edible and with texture like #okra! #Organic #FarmersMarket
UniqueChews- Tuna Fish Eyes 鮪魚眼睛 (2/15/2015) -   An eye for an eye! 以眼還眼! Fish eye is widely considered as a delicacy in Asia, and they don’t have to be these huge tuna eyes. Most Asian countries serve their fish whole, and Taiwan is no exception. I remember picking the eyes out […]