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In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石

In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石

Is getting rid of the skin of garlic a pain? Here’s a tip from my grandma. 蒜頭皮很難撥? 我的外婆有妙方~

Garlic is an essential ingredient in cooking, people have come up with various tools to help us get rid of its skin.

 Some of those tools are quite expensive and most of them are not eco-friendly at all. I’m not a chain myself to a tree kind of person, but I feel like most of the time when we buy those tools we’re just experimenting or simply thinking that it’s cute, but not using them a whole lot after the purchase.

Why not get something from the nature and give it back when you’re done with it?

Me and my family were down by a river one day, and my mom picked up a rock and handed it to me, I was confused. She said “It’s for smashing garlic! That’s what grandma uses, she always keep one in the kitchen.”

I laughed about it at the time but I still took the rock home.

The next day I took the rock out and smashed some garlic with it, it worked wonders!

I used to smash my garlic with the side of my knife, but I have a narrow and thin knife so garlic slides around a bit and I would have to smack it pretty hard to get the garlic to open up.

However with a rock, it’s got some weight to it and a sandier surface, so not only does it not slide around it smashes the garlic with ease.

Oh! You also get a sense of satisfaction out of it if you’ve had a rough day at work. I believe it’s a great stress-relief remedy.

How do you pick the best garlic rock?

  1. It should be about the size of your hand.
  2. You can hold it in your hand comfortably. (My mom likes them oval-shaped, but as long as it’s got the right angle for your hand it’s a good rock)
  3. It’s not too flat (so you don’t smash your finger).
  4. It’s got some weight to it.
  5. Smack it around and make sure it’s hard enough so it doesn’t break easily.

Make sure you scrub it around before using it.

Here are a few more ideas of things you can smash up with the rock: nuts, chilly, green papaya salad… etc.

There you go, a eco-friendly tool for your kitchen. Pick one out and try it out, and if you don’t like it, just return it to where you found it.

-Tiffany Alexandria





某一天,我們全家出遊在河邊的時候,我媽突然撿了一顆石頭給我,說: 廚房用的。






還有一個好處就是– 它是發洩情緒的好幫手~ 心情不好嗎? 拿石頭砸砸蒜頭吧!

那,好的“蒜頭石” 要怎麼選呢?

  1. 大小應該要跟你的手掌差不多。
  2. 手感不錯,只要你握在手上覺得舒服就可以了(我媽喜歡橢圓形的,但是如果你覺得我起來的角度對了它就是好石頭)
  3. 不要太扁,要有一點點厚度在拍蒜頭的時候才不會不小心壓到手指
  4. 有一點重量
  5. 拿起來敲敲看,確定密度夠,不容易碎裂



好啦就這樣~ 去撿顆石頭試試看吧,如果不喜歡的話就把它歸位,還給大自然吧!

-Tiffany Alexandria

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