Sri Lankan Curd 斯里蘭卡的水牛優格

What is curd in Sri Lanka and what is it made of? 斯里蘭卡 水牛優格? 什麼!水牛奶可以吃??還可以做優格? 吃起來像什麼呢? I walk pass these clay pots when I get breakfast every morning here in Sri Lanka, thought that the grocery stores sell pots to grow plants for the longest time till someone introduced me to this claypot “yogurt” or … Continue reading Sri Lankan Curd 斯里蘭卡的水牛優格

Unique Chews – Sweet Potato Leaf 生生不息的地瓜葉

Grow Taiwanese superfood in your garden/balcony! 在家自己種有陽台即可的超級食物! Sweet potatoes are yummy and studies show that it’s got tons of good stuff in it, but have you ever had sweet potato leaves? It is widely consumed here in Taiwan, I hear they are in Africa too, however I’ve never seen them sold in supermarkets in the … Continue reading Unique Chews – Sweet Potato Leaf 生生不息的地瓜葉