Kinda Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies酥酥軟軟的巧克力豆餅乾

(中文在下面) After a long search in a good chocolate chip cookie recipe, I may have finally found and figured out the one! Before this, we'd tried a recipe using shortening, some too complicated and using a mixture of different types of flour, more eggs, more sugar more ingredients but the balance just never seemed right. When … Continue reading Kinda Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookies酥酥軟軟的巧克力豆餅乾

Vegetarian English Breakfast 蔬食英式早餐

I love a good English breakfast, and here’s a #vegetarian version to kick start our day! It is sooo good! The recipe is pretty straight forward: Garlic sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, mozzarella, grilled tomatoes, sunny side up eggs, cucumber sticks and butter on toasts! Served with #ice-drip coffee, nothing can beat this 🙂 ❤ 我超愛英式早餐 可是有時候覺得外面的肉太多又油膩,所以有什麼比蔬食英式早餐更適合開始美好的一天呢? 有大蒜炒磨菇,英式焗豆,馬茲瑞拉起司,煎番茄,太陽蛋,小黃瓜還有奶油全麥吐司!!超豐盛的! … Continue reading Vegetarian English Breakfast 蔬食英式早餐

Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉

My favorite light, fast, nutritious snack can also turn into a great crowd pleaser for cocktail parties!  好吃 快速 營養的小點心,換個方式呈現就算貴婦下午茶也不失大雅! Caprese is so easy to make! It’s light, nutritious and delicious. There are a few variations out there and the red, white, green symbolizes the classic Italian flag. The trick to a great caprese salad … Continue reading Recipes: Party Caprese 超簡單義式番茄起司沙拉

Unique Chews – Sweet Potato Leaf 生生不息的地瓜葉

Grow Taiwanese superfood in your garden/balcony! 在家自己種有陽台即可的超級食物! Sweet potatoes are yummy and studies show that it’s got tons of good stuff in it, but have you ever had sweet potato leaves? It is widely consumed here in Taiwan, I hear they are in Africa too, however I’ve never seen them sold in supermarkets in the … Continue reading Unique Chews – Sweet Potato Leaf 生生不息的地瓜葉

Recipes – Spicy Hummus 中東辣雞豆泥

Spicy hummus that you can eat with anything! 辣辣鷹嘴豆泥,滿滿的健康食材讓你冬天溫暖夏天開胃! First of all, I’ve never yet been to any country that name hummus their local food, so this is simply my interpretation based on what we like. I’d say the closest “hummus” I’ve tasted is at this local pita shop, which sells various pita smeared with … Continue reading Recipes – Spicy Hummus 中東辣雞豆泥

In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石

Is getting rid of the skin of garlic a pain? Here’s a tip from my grandma. 蒜頭皮很難撥? 我的外婆有妙方~ Garlic is an essential ingredient in cooking, people have come up with various tools to help us get rid of its skin.  Some of those tools are quite expensive and most of them are not eco-friendly at … Continue reading In The Kitchen – Granny’s Wisdom Rock 外婆的智慧石