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Bacon Wrapped Green Beans | 培根四季豆捲

Bacon Wrapped Green Beans | 培根四季豆捲

This might be the easiest and tastiest green bean recipes out there. It’s green beans season, and the weather is nice out why not roll and grill some Bacon Wrapped Green Beans up as a appetizer I bet it’ll be a crowd pleaser! 

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All you need for this recipe is… guess what, bacon and green beans!

I bought my green beans at the Byron farmers market, $2 for a big basket full! You can also find them at Rochester downtown farmers market or any supermarket really.



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For bacon I am using a Applewood smoked artisan bacon. Try to slice your bacon as thin as possible if you’re using a whole chunk like me, since the bacon will shrink quite a bit when cooked it might unwrap the beans as you grill/fry it. Or you can just use a skewer to secure your roll in place. Bacon from the super markets for your breakfast table will work just fine as well.



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I love this dish not only because it is easy to make, it is cute and absolutely delicious. The way the beans are charred and caramelized, the sweetness of the greens and the saltiness and smokiness of the bacon just works heavenly together, you don’t even have to season it!


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Bacon Wrapped Green Beans

  • Difficulty: SUPER Easy
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Easy, tasty summer dish with fresh local ingredients


  • 10 Slices of Bacon08 - 20170810.Bacon-wrapped-green-beans-Resized-11.jpg
  • 1/2lb Green beans


  1. Chop of the ends of the green beans, then section them into 2inch (5cm) pieces
  2. Wrap about 8 sections of beans with a piece of bacon then repeat till you run out of bacon (slice a piece of bacon in half by length if it is too long)
  3. Grill or fry your green bean wrap till the bacon is crispy and beans are charred!


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