Byron, MN Farmers Market

Did you know there is a farmers market every Saturday in Byron?

It is not a big market, but I love it even more for it. I love it when people put their minds to doing something they are passionate about.

Fresh veggies at amazing price (3 for a dollar tomatoes and zucchinis, giant basket of green bean for $2, jalapenos are 5 for $1), all sorts of jarred goodies, the best zucchini brownies I’ve ever had (limited edition!), farm fresh eggs and all. I am planning on hopping over this Saturday and get myself a whole box of tomatoes just to support what they’re doing and hopefully one day they will grow as big as the Rochester Downtown Farmers Market.

The girls who make the zucchini brownies were really knowledgeable about different ways to use their zucchinis. They introduced me to a pizza crust made with zucchinis and an egg, new option for gluten free people! It would be fun to experiment with zucchinis and just go over and have a discussion or a cook off. (I will probably lose)

Why shop at the lifeless supermarket when you can shop right in your neighborhood and create something inspired by what you find locally?

Byron Farmers Market

Every Saturday

8:00am – 3:00pm

For some dishes inspired by ingredients I found at the farmers market:

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