Mala Hot Sauce|秘製淑油麻辣醬


This recipe was passed down by my grandpa and probably from grandpa of his. Grandpa was born in Sichuan province, China and moved to Taiwan in 1950 when the air force of R.O.C. retreated from China.

This is a staple hot sauce in Sichuan and at home.

“Mala”, is actually two words in Chinese: 麻辣 (ma2 la4)

麻Ma2 is a tingly feeling like your foot just went numb and someone is poking it.

辣La4 is spicy.

That explained this sauce a lot.

It is quite different from most hot sauces you find in the supermarkets, this sauce gives a tingly feeling in your mouth due to the Szechuan Peppers and it is super easy to make. This sauce can also be a base for various dishes originated in Szechuan or just to spice up your food.

You can easily adjust the heat level with the chili you use.

I’m using crushed red peppers (that’s actually spicy and flavorful!) in this recipe, but you can easily use any dry chili you find in the super market. Since Mexican chilies are easily accessible here in the US, I’ve made this sauce with chili de arbol before and it turns out wonderfully.


Szechuan pepper is a bit harder to get, you might need to look for an Asian store or a serious spice shop (or Amazon). I bought mine at Market Spice in Pike’s Place, Seattle. It was a bit pricey but I cannot argue with the quality! It was some of the best Szechuan Pepper I’ve ever purchased (the only other one that could compare were the ones I bought in Sichuan).

Enjoy this special hot sauce with dishes like:

Cucumber Salad with Sesame Dressing

Mapo Tofu


Simple Noodles


Braised Beef

Hot Pot

Mala Hot Sauce



  • Blend with a blender (or food processor)/ground with morta
    • 1C Chilli Flake
    • 1/2C Sichuan Pepper
  • Sift out Sichuan Pepper shells, discard the shells


    Sichuan Pepper Shells

  • Move powder into a jar
  • Add
    • 1/8C Toasted sesame seeds (OPTIONAL)
    • Pinch of salt
  • Heat up (till you see little ripples on the surface)
    • 1C Olive oil
  • Pour hot oil into the jar & mix well (enjoy the sizzle!)


台灣的正港 “死川忍” (我小時候覺得四川話很簡單,所有音都發三聲就是四川話了,不信你試試看)












  • 1杯 辣椒粉/辣椒粒 (粗粒的那種)
  • 1/2杯 花椒粒
  • 1/8杯 熟芝麻 (也可以不要)
  • 一小撮 鹽
  • 1杯 橄欖油 (也可以用其他植物油)


  • 用果汁機/石臼 磨成粉
    • 1杯 辣椒粉/辣椒粒 (粗粒的那種)
    • 1/2杯 花椒粒
  • 用篩網過濾花椒殼 (白白的,口感不好)
  • 把粉裝到一個罐子裡
  • 加入
    • 1/8杯 熟芝麻
    • 一小撮鹽
  • 用鍋子加熱 (油會開始起波紋)
    • 1杯 橄欖油
  • 把熱油倒入罐子裡,攪拌均勻 (會發出讓人很舒服的滋滋聲喔!)

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