Sri Lankan Curd 斯里蘭卡的水牛優格


What is curd in Sri Lanka and what is it made of? 斯里蘭卡 水牛優格? 什麼!水牛奶可以吃??還可以做優格? 吃起來像什麼呢?

I walk pass these clay pots when I get breakfast every morning here in Sri Lanka, thought that the grocery stores sell pots to grow plants for the longest time till someone introduced me to this claypot “yogurt” or as locals call it “Curd”.
在斯里蘭卡,每天早上吃早餐的時候都會經過這些”陶盆”。一開始不知道這些東西到底是什麼,而且很多雜貨店都有賣,直到有一天聽到老闆在向其他過路客推銷優格,才發現原來這些陶盆裡面是優格!! 可是其實當地人稱這些”優格” 為 “凝乳”。


What’s the difference between curd and yogurt you ask? the locals definition is: yogurt is made with cow milk n is sweetened with sugar, usually comes in small plastic packages; and curd is made of buffalo milk which contains less fat comparing to cow milk. curd is unsweetened, naturally fermented overnight and isn’t stored in the fridge. people cook with curd, and should finish it in day as it contains no preservatives.
凝乳跟優格的差別是什麼呢? 在地人的解釋是: 他們稱之為”優格” 的食品是牛奶做的,通常加了糖裝在小包裝裡像台灣的優佩蕾之類的,而”凝乳”是水牛奶做的,水牛奶的脂肪比牛奶少,而這種凝乳完全不加糖,每日現做也沒有多餘的添加物,所以最多只能放一天。喔,如果有冰箱的話應該可以放久一點,可是當地絕大多數人家沒有冰箱。通常人們用水牛優格入菜。


I bought a pot with “honey”. total cost is about 2USD. Oh, and “honey” is not actually honey. to me, honey is something that only bees can make. this stuff is from coconut flower, they took the liquid from it and then cook it until it’s got this syrupy texture.
我買了一盆,和”蜂蜜”,總共花了大約60元台幣! 可是他們的”蜂蜜”其實不是真的蜂蜜,對我來說只有蜜蜂做的蜜才能叫做”蜂蜜”。跟當地人聊了一下後才發現,這個他們稱作的蜂蜜東西其實是椰子花做的,用裡面的汁液去熬煮到一個黏稠糖漿的程度。繼續熬下去就會變成椰子糖。


The taste: it taste a lot like the 0% Greek yogurt soft tofu style! I love the lightness, sourness, and tartness. curd is the right name for it!
吃起來呢? 如果你吃過希臘優格,他們兩個相似度很高。其實… 吃起來口感更像豆花! 很清爽,帶著奶香,有點酸酸的,”凝乳”真的是個很恰當的名字。


The syrup is really light, doesn’t taste like coconut at all its got this light aroma that words can’t quite describe. I gave some of the curd to the dogs here n they love it too! I feel like I could just have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! it is so good!


我還餵了這裡的狗狗吃優格,他們也很愛呢! 以整個覺得可以早餐午餐晚餐都吃這個就好! 太好吃了!


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