The Sri Lankan Breakfast 斯里蘭卡早餐

There might be a post following up with the title “the real Sri Lankan breakfast” as I am dining at a tourist restaurant right now.  But hey, it’s my first day, I want to ease my way into this crazy country.

我覺得等一下很可能會出現一篇叫做 “真的斯里蘭卡早餐”的文章,因為我今天選擇了一家專門供應觀光客的餐廳吃飯。我剛到嘛! 總是要先適應一下。



According to the tourist restaurant named Dasu’s Hut, Sri Lankan breakfast comes with your choice of curry(chicken, beef or fish), and your choice of rotti or string hoppers.  (I had to Google what spring hopper was.)  Curry for breakfast?  Why not!

如果這家叫做 Dasu’s Place 的觀光客餐廳的消息是正確的話,斯里蘭卡人早餐是吃咖哩的!選擇雞/魚/牛咖哩 配 rotti(某種麵包類東東)或是string hoppers(其實我不太知道這是什麼, Google了一下好像是長得像米粉的東東)。付一杯熱咖啡或紅茶。


I ordered the fish curry, with rotti.  Since Sri Lanka is famous for its tea, I also ordered a cup of tea.

我選擇了魚咖哩配 rotti。既然斯里蘭卡的茶這麼有名,副餐當然是茶嘍!

Tea is usually served with milk and sugar here.  I’m not a big sweet tooth so I’m having plain milk tea.

這裡的茶通常都會附上牛奶和糖,跟英國人的喝茶習慣一樣。不嗜甜的我只加了牛奶。 茶香很清新,不會澀澀的還不錯。



The fish curry is quite a simple curry with various spices, curry leaf, chopped chili, onions and coconut milk.  The coconut flavor is strong, but light in texture.  It is mellow yet flavorful and delicious.  I just wanted to spoon it out of the bowl and eat it like a soup!

你大概會覺得什麼?!早餐吃咖哩?是真的,我大約7:30am就座,我也超愛咖哩所以,Why not?  魚咖哩其實是這簡單樸實的小料理。多種香料加上咖哩葉、洋蔥、辣椒魚塊和椰奶燉煮,味道豐富香甜。椰子味很濃卻又不膩有一種清香,雖然我點了中辣其實一點都不辣,老闆太小看我了。好吃到我想要用湯匙把他當湯來吃!但是不知道這樣是不是不禮貌 所以作罷。



The rotti actually wasn’t  what I expected.  I expected the almost fluffy flat bread, but what I got are these cake like doughy bread.  It is made of whole wheat flour, green chili, lots of onions and a good pinch of salt.  It is flavorful on its own, and despite what the size may seem, it is quite filling.

我本來以為 rotti 會是有點蓬鬆的扁麵包,那種貼在爐子裡烤的。上菜時有點傻眼,居然長得像某種糕餅而且超級結實。全麥麵粉加上很多洋蔥、綠辣椒、鹽巴做成的,單吃就很有味道呢!不要看他好像小小的分量不大,其實很有飽足感的。


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