Chewy Fudgy Brownie Experiment 試做咬咬布朗尼

Buying brownies can be a bit pricey here in Taipei, but that’s not the issue, the problem is finding a GREAT brownie!

After trying and failing to find the perfect brownie, we’ve decided to make our own!

Once again we are using the toaster oven.

The brownie turns out great! It’s chewy, fudgy, melts in your mouth and WE JUST LOVE HOW RICH IT IS!!!

Someone ate the whole batch all in a day, btw.

However I do not recommend it if:

A. Making it below 60F

     B. You have a outdoor kitchen like I do

After melting the butter and chocolate together as I cracked in the eggs (room temp) they immediately harden and became ridiculously hard to blend.

Unless you have an electronic blender or simply wants a good workout, then bake away!

Suppose you could heat it back up a little if you wanted to but it didn’t help much for me.

Get the Chewy Fudgy Brownie recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction



因為覺得台北買布朗尼好貴喔! 小小不到五公分平方就要50元左右!

貴也就算了,要找到好吃的布朗尼還真不容易! 買了好多不好吃的布朗尼之後還是決定自己做~

這個布朗尼食譜超濃郁好吃每一口都是濃濃的巧克力香! 入口即化,有一點緊實,有一點鬆軟,有一點綿密,該有的都有!




 A. 你在低於20度的時候做






你可以到 “Sally’s Baking Addiction” 找這個布朗尼的食譜!

試試看! 比外面賣的都好吃喔!!! ❤

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