Eat, Cook, Travel, Shoot!

Shop, Where?

Knowing where to shop for ingredients you need for the amazing food you’re going to make, or just collecting memories to decorate your house with them.

20171027.Asian-Food-Store-Rochester-MN-亞洲市場_Resize-4.jpg Asian Food Store, Rochester MN | 亞洲市場 (10/27/2017) - Asian food store may seem like a unfamiliar category but it is definitely fun to check out and see what you can find in there! Find out what’s in the store besides soy sauce and tofu.
Farmers Market- Cheng-gong Market | 台北成功市場 (12/9/2014) - Traditional market, getting the freshest groceries! 好逛市場,新鮮便宜蔬菜這裡買~ One of my favorite things to do when I get some free time is to go to the markets. As a kid my mom would always drag me to various markets so early in the morning I could […]
12 - 20171207.-Farmers-Market-Boulder-CO_Resize.jpg Farmers Market: Boulder, CO | 農夫市集: 波德,科羅拉多 (12/7/2017) - Farmers market: Boulder, CO has wonderful vegetables, amazing bread, lots of local products and delicious food trucks. Wish I lived there so I could go there every weekend!
08 - 20170810.Byron-MN-Farmers-MarketResized-4.jpg Farmers Market: Byron, MN (8/10/2017) - Did you know there is a farmers market every Saturday in Byron?
08 - 20170809.Rochester-MN-Downtown-Farmers-MarketResized-98.jpg Farmers Market: Rochester MN | 2017 WINTER UPDATE! (8/9/2017) - There’s something about markets I just LOVE. Wherever I travel, market is always on the top of my must-go places. Rochester MN downtown farmers market is my weekly one stop grocery shopping destination, all my recipes are created according to what I found at the […]